Hayley's Angels - Regular Visits

Hayley's Angels offers Regular companion service appointments; these are usually daily, Bi-weekly or weekly visits for people who are perhaps in need of some home or errand support.

Our Visitors will typically help with shopping or other chores that someone that is house bound or infirm (either long term or temporary) needs a hand with. More often than not, our visitors are just a friendly face that can provide a welcome conversation and a well being check, helping with the support network for working people with elderly home residing parents.

All of our appointments are usually within office hours but by agreement we can offer out of hours visits too, but these types of appointment are usually later in the afternoon or early evening, and as such attract a premium payment to reflect the out of hours visits.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations to be made at least 48 hours before your visit otherwise a cancellation fee will apply on your next visit. Also, it is a minimum of 1 hour, if you only require an hour or 1/2 an hour you will still be charged for a full hour. 

Regular Angel Visit

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